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Discover a new AI tool that is able to create unit plans in minutes —
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Shortcut: Use Wordtune to suggest more effective sentences.

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Morning, all!

We hope you’re not sick of the artificial intelligence discussion yet, because, well, it’s just getting started.

And there is nothing to fear…yet. As Dr. Phillipa Hardman points out, “armed with an an understanding of a) how to talk ChatGPT’s language and b) the science of learning, AI can be leveraged to not only improve our efficiency as educators but also – and critically – our effectiveness.”
Today, we share:
  • Another tool that will save you loads of time.
  • how to articulate your edu prompts for better results
  • a GDPR compliant extension that will help you craft more powerful sentences depending on the tone you want to convey.


Education Copilot is an AI tool generating a lot of talk in educator-led social media forums.

It allows you to create entire unit plans and all sorts of attachments in minutes. 

Copilot is GDPR compliant for teacher use, and is currently being offered under a 30-day free trial.  Please note that the school is not planning to purchase subscriptions. This is for personal use.
Overview of Education Copilot (1:25 minutes)

We hope Olivia, Courtney, Callie, Mel and Aliza will forgive us, but this is too good to pass…🤗


Yes, ChatGPT content is everywhere. It’s already becoming increasingly difficult to sift through the ocean of click-bait articles. But here is one we found particularly interesting for educators: 

Introducing ChatGPT Edu-Mega-Prompts, by Dr. Philippa Hardman.

Read the article for context, and then feel free to copy, paste and adapt the following prompt provided by Dr. Hardman, which we have slightly adapted for our K-12 needs:

The DOMS™️ Edu-Mega-Prompt for Specific Instructional Practices

You are an expert teacher of [enter subject, topic, concept, skill etc]. You teach students with [enter learner demographics, age, what they know already, levels of confidence and motivation].

Your aim is to ensure that your students have a reliable and shared understanding of the foundational concept: [enter subject, topic, concept, skill etc]

Without the ability to recall & process accurate foundational information, the learning process is futile. You want to support your learners to recall and process accurate foundational information without using quizzes which are proven to only enable short term recall rather than long term memorisation.

Instead, you want to use two instructional strategies proven to increased the effective memorisation of foundational knowledge. The first strategy you will use is known as [enter strategy desired].

[enter any information that might be helpful about the strategy desired].

Your task: Using the information above, generate an [enter strategy desired] activity which helps the learners described above to correctly understand core foundational knowledge relating to [enter topic, concept, skill etc].

Write feedback for each potential response. The feedback should be succinct and explain the difference between the student’s response and the correct answer. It should replace the misconception with an alternative conception, explaining what the alternative, correct way of thinking about the scenario is and how it differs from the student’s misconception.

Finally, suggest a resource for the defined learner type to look at which will help them to learn the correct version of the foundational knowledge.


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Wordtune is an AI-powered Chrome Extension that understands what you’re trying to say, and suggests ways to make your writing more clear, compelling and authentic.

It is GDPR compliant, and free for 9 rewrites a day (after that, you need to sign up for their premium package).
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